Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tree Legs

Tights from UO, skirt for Old Navy, sweater from H&M. Boots are my burgundy Doc Martens.

I came down the stairs this morning and my mom told me I looked cute...but that's her job.
My dad came downstairs and was like, "What's on your legs?"
And my brother was like, "They look like trees."
Even though I think it's kind of obvious it's a floral print, but whatever.

I got SO MANY judgement stares on the way to the bus stop this morning! A cop drove by, but I missed his reaction. Darn.

The earrings in the last photo are like, SO COOL. I bought them at my church craft fair a few years ago from a lady who ran an independent business which I think was called Urban Viking. It definitely had the word Viking in it. They come in so many colors and shapes, etc. I love them!

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  1. Nice tights. I would wear them ;p

    xx Domenic