Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plastic Toy Jewelry :: A DIY

Lately I've been seeing a lot of these really cool necklaces made of Lego bricks, almost all of which were DIY-ed. I've also seen some Barbie shoe-earrings....can you say "Cladia Kishi"?! I've even seen some famous people wearing things like this! So, after some investigation, I learned how to make these cool plastic-toy jewelries myself.

You will need: Plastic toys, a candle (plus something to light it with), a sewing needle, jump rings, and your preferred jewelry findings.

First light your candle. Heat the sewing needle with the flame for around 30 seconds. Don't burn yourself!! (Seriously, this sounds really cheesy, but it feel like being branded like a cow.) (Also now I have a scar.)

Quickly take your super-hot needle and poke a hole in your plastic toy. For the Barbie shoe I made a hold in the back, for the Lego I made a hole in the short end of the brick, and for the dinosaur I made a hole in the spine spikes*.

Let it cool so the plastic has time to harden.

Attach a jump ring (if applicable) and your preferred jewelry findings. Done!

*A few variations of this:
1. I've never tried this because my lighter ran out of lighter fluid, but if your dinosaur/whatever doesn't have spine spikes you could probably use the needle to melt some plastic on the top of its back and attach the jump ring there.
2. I've also never tried this, but supposedly you can heat a blade or knife and chop a dinosaur in half, then attach each half to a flat-back post earring finding and achieve this super awesome result.


  1. This is an awesome DIY! I have a lot of barbie arm/baby arm earrings, but now I'll have to try making my own.

  2. Uh-maze-ing stuff, I have so many odds and ends of toys and things that I want to try this with now.

    Just letting you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! The details are on my blog here: